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Who are we ?

Our story began back in 2008 with the setting up of an Angels Group in healthcare that is today Angels Santé, the leading Angel Network in Europe dedicated to health investment.

10 years after inception and much acquired knowledge, we partnered with EIT Health to set up a pan- European network of specialized investors to finance innovative startups around Europe. 

Today we  manage this incredible network as an independent Investor Relations advisory boutique . Our business ? Early stage Healthcare fundraising across multiple geographic spaces.  Unlike vegetables, we don't necessarily believe that local is better so let's connect and help you get in touch with investors across Europe.

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Our Team.

Our core team is made up of passionate people who want to work toward the emergence of innovation through financing the best projects and helping them scale up in the European / US environment. It is supported by incredible board members and more than 30 experts in the field of healthcare investments. 

Our partners across Europe...

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